Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Funny side of recent Indian 500 & 1000 note BAN!

 Dear Modi,
Thanks for making all those dead WhatsApp groups active again.

Sala 9/11 jab bhi ata hai hila dalta hai bhai😂

 Isliye bola tha Chai wale ko pm mat bano, 5, 10 Rs. ke note ke alawa or kuch samaj nhi aata usko
– Rahul Gandhi 😜😜😜

This is a message for those who were criticising PM for being out of the country……If PM stays in country, see what happens 😉😉😂

आज रात जिस घर की लाइट जलती हुइ दिखे समझलो नोटो की गिनति चल रही हे💰💶🤑.    While I was creating the post. Pasodi ko pakka laga hoga “are these guys so rich”

After 50 Years

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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

People aren’t stopping to look anymore!!

World has changed a lot but more than that it has moved a lot! What do you think?

Moreover, people are on constant move, virtually everyone one is busy but few knows the cause. Rest of us are simply busy.

People seems to be more in hurry than before, pressured by hectic work schedules and overloaded by other commitments and digital information.

Whatever I have read so far, I still fail to understand, how does it relate to the topic “People aren’t stopping to look anymore”

Guess you are right!!

Consider you are visiting some hill station and you suddenly notice some amazing view out of nowhere. 

What do you do?

Do we stop & experience the beauty with our naked eye and appreciate it?

Do we get lost in its amazing formations for few minutes?

Honestly that was 1990’s approach. Do you agree?

What actually we end up is one of the below: -

· Rushed to snap photos, bringing cameras or smartphones to our eyes before we would even looked at the scene. The view was mediated through a lens.

· Many others simply rolled by slowly in their cars, taking photos out the windows.

The idea seemed to be to collect as many quick photos as possible so as to post them on Facebook as proof that one had conquered yet another spot. We're harried, we’re rushed, we’re looking at our watches.

This ultra-modern approach is always keeping our body at edge and we are still in stress even we just concluded the best of best holiday itineraries.

We need to spend more time in beautiful spot/parks etc., for our sake, for our children’s sake, and for the sake of our body healing touches. This will also help next generation to understand the value of its existence and will help them to contribute towards its perseverance.

David Brower - Earth Island founder rightly pointed out “You only save what you love and you only love what you know”.

People aren’t stopping to look anymore, “They’re rush, rush, rush….

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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Educated Vs Learned

One can easily claim to be educated compare to becoming a learned person.

Why learning is difficult compare to be educated?

World has transformed to extent that information is available on finger tips, which is much needed change to intact transparency in data flow.
You might agree that each change has positive as well as not so positive effect but change is must to keep human life engaged.

Ultimately it boils down to human critical thinking to embrace it.

Learning = Education + Knowledge + Wisdom.

Learning is comprised of 3 key basic elements. Hence it is not easy to attain and very few make it to this bracket.

One of the most common example of our day to day life, which reflect that Education device us to understand & appreciate things around us.

For e.g.: We all share inspirational quotes, view on injustice toward nature or living beings, good life rules to follow etc. on WhatsApp-social media or in general conversation


Think for a second, how much percent of it, we follow ourselves compare to daily sermons we impart!!

No need to be scared of the outcome, Outcome is only for self-analysis & work toward its correction.

So what was the outcome?

We follow number of those only when it is convenient to us!! Else we ignore or convince ourselves ‘not to’ when immediate cost is visible.

That’s where we drag ourselves out from learning bracket and proud to be called as educated.

There are 3 ways to learn --

Learning by experience: This is the hardest.

 Learning by reflection: This is the noblest.

Learning by imitation: This is the fastest.”

People can’t achieve enlightenment by learning in just one way. Different kinds of education are required for different kinds of knowledge.   

Let’s strive to become learned as this bracket is shrinking at faster rate which is not a good sign for humanity. Also there is less competition in this aspect of life.

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

हिंदी एक वैज्ञानिक भाषा है

Today is Hindi Diwas, 
Just came across very good tweet from 


हिंदी एक वैज्ञानिक भाषा है और कोई भी अक्षर वैसा क्यूँ है उसके पीछे कुछ कारण है , अंग्रेज़ी भाषा में ये बात देखने में नहीं आती...

क, ख, ग, घ, ङ- कंठव्य कहे गए, क्योंकि इनके उच्चारण के समय ध्वनि कंठ से निकलती है। एक बार बोल कर देखिये...

च, छ, ज, झ,ञ- तालव्य कहे गए, क्योंकि इनके उच्चारण के समय जीभ तालू से लगती है। एक बार बोल कर देखिये...

ट, ठ, ड, ढ , ण- मूर्धन्य कहे गए, क्योंकि इनका उच्चारण जीभ के मूर्धा से लगने पर ही सम्भव है। एक बार बोल कर देखिये...

त, थ, द, ध, न- दंतीय कहे गए, क्योंकि इनके उच्चारण के समय जीभ दांतों से लगती है। एक बार बोल कर देखिये...

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

गीता सार

तुम्हारा क्या गया, जो तुम रोते हो? तुम क्या लाए थे, जो तुमने खो दिया? तुमने क्या पैदा किया था, जो नाश हो गया? न तुम कुछ लेकर अाए, जो लिया यहीं से लिया। जो दिया, यहीं पर दिया। जो लिया, इसी (भगवान) से लिया। जो दिया, इसी को दिया।

क्यों व्यर्थ की चिंता करते हो? किससे व्यर्थ डरते हो? कौन तुम्हें मार सक्ता है? अात्मा ना पैदा होती है, न मरती है।

जो हुअा, वह अच्छा हुअा, जो हो रहा है, वह अच्छा हो रहा है, जो होगा, वह भी अच्छा ही होगा। तुम भूत का पश्चाताप न करो। भविष्य की चिन्ता न करो। वर्तमान चल रहा है।

खाली हाथ अाए अौर खाली हाथ चले। जो अाज तुम्हारा है, कल अौर किसी का था, परसों किसी अौर का होगा। तुम इसे अपना समझ कर मग्न हो रहे हो। बस यही प्रसन्नता तुम्हारे दु:खों का कारण है।

परिवर्तन संसार का नियम है। जिसे तुम मृत्यु समझते हो, वही तो जीवन है। एक क्षण में तुम करोड़ों के स्वामी बन जाते हो, दूसरे ही क्षण में तुम दरिद्र हो जाते हो। मेरा-तेरा, छोटा-बड़ा, अपना-पराया, मन से मिटा दो, फिर सब तुम्हारा है, तुम सबके हो।

न यह शरीर तुम्हारा है, न तुम शरीर के हो। यह अग्नि, जल, वायु, पृथ्वी, अाकाश से बना है अौर इसी में मिल जायेगा। परन्तु अात्मा स्थिर है - फिर तुम क्या हो?

तुम अपने अापको भगवान के अर्पित करो। यही सबसे उत्तम सहारा है। जो इसके सहारे को जानता है वह भय, चिन्ता, शोक से सर्वदा मुक्त है।

जो कुछ भी तू करता है, उसे भगवान के अर्पण करता चल। ऐसा करने से सदा जीवन-मुक्त का अानंन्द अनुभव करेगा।


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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Jai Shree Krishna!!

हाथी घोड़ा पालकी

जै कन्हैय्या लाल की.

Friday, 5 August 2016


Hello guys After Addiction, here is another one for you “Raid”. Though the name sounds negative but people think it must have happened for some good reason.

Isn’t it?

Only country exists in the world, where culture-food-language-customs changed every 100 KM is? Any guess??

Its India.

Now you may be wondering that what this has got to do with Raid? Come on we are the only country who mixes other language to ours and absorb the fun out of it.

Hint: Are yaar life ki to raid lagi pari hai!!

{Foreign reader contact your Indian friends for translation. Indians are found all over the world. Reputation is so good that many country citizens happily run food restaurants as Indian Restaurants}

Coming back to Raid: - why this negative sounding word is so pleasing to hear?

First thing first – It is because we always hear about this word in context to someone not related to us. At the same moment, we utilise that opportunity to sanitise ourselves of any wrong doing.

For Indian it is a handy word to describe all kind of mess happening in life in a single word. Surprise!! The amazing part is everyone interpret the meaning in exactly same way. Isn’t it cool!!

Best part of "Raid" is, it can be used irrespective of profession you are related to: -

Student: Yaar exam ki raid pari hai!

Friend to another friend: Yaar uski to uski girlfriend ne hi raid maar li! Waise banda mast hai.

Hostel friend: Yaar Dad ki raid parne wali hai! Kal milne aa rahe hai.

Teacher teaching tuition in early morning, Student says: Yaar sir ne to neend ki raid maar rakhi hai.

Hotel owner: Jaldi peeche ki gate se bhago, Police ne raid maara hai.

Businessmen: File hatao! Income Tax ki raid pari hai.

Minister: Breaking new: CBI raid at X minister official residence in early morning. {sounds like triple raid- neend & reputation included}

Indian Mummy: Freeze ke raid maar rakha hai ! aur haan bottle mein paani bher ke bhi rakho.


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