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Forgotten Indian contribution to universe

When it comes to discuss about invention and discoveries made in this world. What is the first thing comes to our mind? Many will end up pondering that usually it was Britain or America. But you will be surprised when you will know that few inventions which was presented by west to world was already made by India. Now next question which might struck is why it was not conveyed to the world about the real inventor? Why India missed the bus which west managed to drive?

There may be series of factors but one common factor comes to my mind is “packaging”. Yes, India lacked packaging to markets it invention. Few months back in 2014 itself when our Science & Technology Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, asserted that “ancient Indian scientists discovered the Pythagoras' theorem but the credit is given to the Greeks.” To immense surprise very first resistance came to his statement was from silly Indian media, whose most of the desk editor believes in manufacturing news sitting in studio rather than from tangible ground work. Now I leave it to the audience to analyse & form opinion about the quality of experts whom you get to meet in new studio who shout their lungs out in debate and poor quality of homework they do before joining debate. Let’s back to the topic.

But the fact is Minister was correct. According to Ludwig von Schröder, (was a Prussian officer and Admiral during World War I)

Let’s have a look about few other core inventions:-

·         The number system or Hindu numeral system
     The number system has underpin the foundation of modern mathematics and its infinite uses in our day-to-day lives. This Indian system succeeded where the efforts of other great civilizations failed.

·         The clothes system we admire today

·         Democracy
During the modern era, racially motivated European 'historians' distorted or simply re-wrote significant Indian and colonial historical achievements, from pettily changing the date of the life and death of the revered Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, to make it appear as if he lived after Pericles and Socrates, to omitting known references to the existence of ancient Indian republics, known as Gana-Sangha (equal assembly), or Gana-Rajya (equal government).

·         Discovery of water on Moon

·         Religious tolerance

India has been the land which has provided platform for several religion to originate and thrive. To name few are Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism etc. All religion has been master piece of peace propagation. They had been spread by Monks and Sadhu through poem etc.

Two things which has always puzzled me was decision of handing over Nobel peace prize to Barack Obama and His lecture to India on religious tolerance during his recent visit on Republic day. Now we can see again that India is a tolerant nation which still absorbed above incidents.

Historically, India has also been a long-standing refuge for persecuted minorities, with Zoroastrian Iranians (referred to as Parsis) and Jewish communities in particular having fled other parts of the world to make India a home when other major powers pursued systematic campaigns of discrimination and anti-Semitism, if not outright persecution, against them.

I Will stop my pen here and may be will write another to highlight many more...
Note: This post has been inspired by Abhaey Singh blogs and many Screen shot used are from Huffington Post.

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

CEO's of famous Insurance Company worldwide !!

The following is the list of CEO's of famous Insurance Company worldwide until 1st Feb 2015.

Company name
Company's Logo
 Shri S. K. Roy
Life Insurance Corporation of India
 Warren Buffett
 Berkshire Hathaway

 Yang Mingsheng
 China life Insurance
 Michael Diekmann

 Peter D. Hancock
American International Group (AIG)
 Ma Mingzhe             
 Ping An

 Steven A. Kandarian

 Henri de Castries
 Mark Tucker
 AIA Group

 Ralph Hamers
 ING Group
 Martin Senn
 Zurich Insurance
 Stephen Hester
 RSA Insurance Group
 Ted Mathas
 New York Life Insurance

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Friday, 2 January 2015

Conversion & Re-Conversion

Freedom of religion in India is a fundamental right guaranteed by the country's constitution. Modern India came into existence in 1947 as a secular nation and the Indian constitution's preamble states that India is a secular state. Freedom of religion is established in tradition as Hinduism does not recognize labels of distinct religions and has no concept of blasphemy or heresy. Every citizen of India has a right to practice and promote their religion peacefully.

To be specific

Question that bound to strike you is if everything is clear then why Indian media going crazy about conversion and reconversion. “Media in India is trying to be courts and have shed the essence of journalism few decade ago” SURPRISE!!! Well to some extent you already know and if you happen to watch news quality and debate topic day in –day out, you will be able to figure out quite quickly. If you happen to be in social media especially twitter, it will be like cutting butter to come to a conclusion.

However coming to our topic, I will be discussing the real facts about this craziness in India. One of the facts that boil this issue is unending desire of Christianity and Islam for their inorganic growth.  Before going forward will urge reader to understand purely from angle of getting to the root of the issue instead of taking this as criticism of one religion or the other. India has been the land which has given birth to numerous religions as well as provided platform to thrive. Many think India is secular because Hindu is in majority. To some extent I do agree by simply piping to my neighbouring countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and China etc. Majority religion has increased whereas minorities has been considerably decreased or it will not be wrong if one say extinct.  

Being a convent educated and have travelled across India, I can conclude that conversion is not a problem in itself but means with which is done is real problem. Numerous evangelist and Christian organisation lured tribal’ s  to convert by promising them jobs, medical/financial help (When in needs). It has worked in their goal to large extent but again Jesus can provide hope and evangelist also has limit of their resources to fulfil the promise made while conversion. When people converted purely to avail promised services and did not find one, take rescue back to their original fold hence reconversation. Now you must be thinking it all looks simple & fair to some extent then where is the problem?

The problem starts when media acts like housefly (transporter of dirt) and It starts planting stories only when reconversion happens and gives total miss to initial conversion and its malpractice. Politically and even from the media's side, there is a selectiveness over conversion cases. This to some extent incites communal tension in society and reaction you must have well experienced. MediaCrooks has rightly put it “Tolerance is a one-way street in India. The Hindus are expected to tolerate the nonsense from the speakers and acts of members of certain imported religions.” (Also read Conversions -At Their Wits End by MediaCrooks)

Role of Indian Government
Indian government is bound by constitution of India which clearly gives freedom of religion. It cannot do much in absence of law. Victim of conversion/re-conversion does not know under which law to files a complaint (Article 25). Current government has asked all parties to provide consent to create a law but this is would shut shop of many so called pseudo-secular parties which thrive on this issue. For now this is distant dream. Unless it is a serious criminal case, conversion cases should be left alone. Just like people shift political parties for money, grants and position, they will do the same for religion.

Look carefully the malicious means used by many Christian missionary to expand Christianity through inorganic model. Some of them can be termed as mare fraud. You must have got good idea after reading mediaCrooks article with proof. As we know too much of inorganic expansion kills the basic instinct purpose. They have replicated Jesus to alike of Hindu Gods to cheat people. I sometime wonder what western world (who to some extent are born Christian) reaction would be by seeing Jesus re-conversion? 

Jesus as Buddha

Jesus as Brahama

Total deception

Jesus as Krishna-Arjuna

White dress changed to Hindu Saffron clan

Shiv ling in Church
Jesus like Lord Vishnu

Apart from the above conversion and re-conversion's biased, trick, cheat, force etc. cartoon has its own flavor to express its way about what common people think about it. Have a look...

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

WebMethods -4 : Tough Questions & Answers

·         What do you understand by state of a service?

ü     There are two types of states: Stateful: If the IS receives requests from repeating clients then this state is useful. The client can be connected to IS and authenticated once and then issue many service invocations during the same session. Stateless: If clients typically send a single invocation requests to IS at a time then use stateless.  Using a stateless services prevents the creation of session that will sit unused, taking up resources in IS.

·         How various suit icons look in Webmethods designer?
ü      The below picture depicts the symbol looks:-

·         What are various properties of adapter?
ü The following Screen shot depicts the same.


·         Name two type of adapter in Designer 8.2.
ü      JDBC  & WebSphere MQ Adapter

 ·         What are the various templates available in WebSphere MQ adapter?
ü          The below Screen shot depicts the same.


·         What are the various templates available in JDBC adapter?
ü       The below Screen shot depicts the same.

·         What are the various templates available in JDBC adapter Notification?
ü        The below Screen shot depicts the same.


·         What are the various templates available in WebSphere MQ adapter Notification?
ü         The below Screen shot depicts the same.

Note:- The above notes has been prepared based on my experience on the technology as well as various reference available on internet. 

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

WebMethods -3 : Tough Questions & Answers

 ·         Where is document routed when broker is not available?
ü         OUTBOUND document store.

·         Name different storage type of publishable document?
ü       Guaranteed and volatile.

·         What is difference between storage type guaranteed and volatile?
ü       This storage type helps Broker, how to store a doc. Guaranteed: It is stored on disk and also on             memory. Volatile: The broker stores the document in memory only.

·         How do broker routs the document to subscriber?
ü       If the document was published as broadcast, The broker identifies subscriber and places a copy of        the doc in the client queue for each subscriber. If the doc was delivered, the broker places the              document in the queue for client specified in the delivery request.

·         Name the element in Webmethods that actually supervises the document transfer between IS and        Broker?
ü      Dispatcher.

·         What happen if no subscriber type is specified in document?
ü       The Broker returns the acknowledgement (ACK) to the publisher and then discard the document          or in case of dead letter subscription, the broker deposit the doc in queue containing dead letter            subs..

·         What is abbreviation of ERP, SAP, CRM, XML, EDI, CAF, ESB and SOA?
ü        ERP: Enterprise Resource planning; SAP: Systems application & products; CRM: Customer                relationship management;  XML: Extended markup language; CAF: Composite application                framework; ESB: Enterprise service bus; SOA: Service oriented language;

·         What is Web-service connector?
ü       It invoked web services located on remote server. It sends HTTP or HTTPS to the Webmethods          IS that invoke a call to the web-service. The IS hosts packages that contains web-service and              related files, authenticates clients and verifies that they are authorizes to executes the requested            services.

·         Name the command that invokes service in a Java service and in which package does it resides?
ü      Services.doInvoke() methods used for calling in Java services. It resides in                         

·         During implementation of “Exactly Once” properties in trigger, what are the three elements helps        in resolving document status.
ü      1. Redelivery count; 2. Document History DB; 3. Document resolver service.

·         What is the three status of duplicate detection in trigger for document status.

·         What is adapter notification?
ü        It enables an adapter to receive event data from the adapter resources. It is of two types: Polling          notification & Listener notification.

·         What do you mean by adapter service?
ü        It connects to adapter resources and initiates an operation on the resources.

·         What is default HTTP of Webmethods server listener port?
ü        5555

·         What are flow steps available in ESB and describe any two?
ü         Invoke, Map, Branch, Sequence, Loop, EXIT, Repeat and pipeline.
Branch: This step allows you to conditionally execute a step based on value of the variable at time.
                Branch on switch value: Use variable to determine which step to be executed.
                Branch on an expression: In this case evaluate label property of branch should be set as “true”.

Sequence: This is used to build a set of steps that you want to treat as a group. Step in-groups are executed in order, one after another.  Except the steps under branch condition. It is useful - To group a set of steps as a single alternative beneath a Branch step; To specify the condition under which the service will exit a sequence of steps without executing the entire set.

·         What is CentraSite?
ü       It is kind of repository which facilitates create, browse and manage information or artifacts in the        registry.

Note:- The above notes has been prepared based on my experience on the technology as well as various reference on internet. 

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