Saturday, 23 September 2017

Memory - Does it define Human?

"Leave the dead to the dead"

Whats comes to your mind? When you read the line in pink.

Surely it is very insensitive or not so compassionate statement.


The above line I read from 'Sadhguru' post:-

You must leave the dead to the dead otherwise they will crawl up from the earth and live through you...If you allow them to dominate your system, you will become a bundle of compulsions.

What it has got to do with memory? 

But if you think bit more it’s the most profound statement as well. There are many level of memory. 

I had read somewhere that by doing 'YOGA', At least eight kind of memory can be mastered.

It is told that through yoga, one can touch those 'aspect' of intelligence which is beyond memory. Beyond memory means beyond boundaries also.

Memory is both possibilities as well as limitation.

Popularly knows types of memory are Genetic memory, Conscious memory, Evolutionary memory, Elemental memory, Atomic memory, Karmic memory, Articulate & Inarticulate memory  and many more.

As a person , if we do not make use of Conscious & Karmic memory enough to lead fresh life, or create/innovate something new/better, with age genetic memory will overpower. 

May be that's the reason , why people end up relating each other incident with their ancestor.

Only Human being has power to leave the dead to dead. As for other creature, anyway they will play through them.

We may identify each other through shapes & forms but its memory which signals the 'identify' pulse to identify

So its sounds like it will not be wrong, if we say difference between one person to another is memory.

Thank you!

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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Shed tagline "I am busy!"

Today’s world, one of the greatest challenge-we face- is of having ‘too much’ of information but we don’t really know what to do about it.

Information about anything & everything is easily available in digital platform, that keep us engaged in mining more and more on daily basis.

Have we ever thought why we are mining it religiously?

What goal we are trying to achieve out of it?

What are we loosing or gaining in this mindless race of ‘knowing more’ and utlising rare few?

All we have been able to figure out as response to above queries is sweet and classy excuse: I am (very) busy these days!!

We don’t realised about it until we introspect or we are reminded (of course by those who care about us)  

So what we can do about it!!

Let’s try a simple exercise:-

Ingredients that can make one happy-

Energy + Time + Money

We can make ourselves happy by focusing energy & time towards what will make us happy, including working (Money) but just in different way.

Start will happen by clearing down our mind. It’s not easy but when you put in prospective, it is possible.

Our mind is occupied by points which can bring us joy! More at the same time it also has few points which annoy us. But we end up doing those annoying thing in social pressure or as mandatory norms of our routine.

Now that the few points, which eats up our time & energy and we are left with no time, hence an excuse “I am too busy”!!

We have to make an effort to clear-up those ‘annoy’ to make room for joy and time for yourself so that you can do-meet-chat with those who care about you & vice-versa!

Honesty & Politeness can help you to easily sail thorough NOT-SORRY Sea and tackle guilt.

 1.      Make a list of both points at start of week/month

 2.    Categories then as joy or annoy.

 3.    Try to be honest & polite, when declining annoy as well as well in advance.

 4.    Remember 'not' to commit to annoy points and decline at last moment, which is far worse, and you may be seen as stupid/unreliable/add any common slang of your preference.

Sample done for you!

Go to work
Do it
Mandatory training & meeting
Kind of annoy
Do it as job demand
Session/Charity of your co-worker, you don’t care about
Decline in advance
Doing your actual job
Do it
Attending a going away lunch party of someone whom you don’t even like.
Never commit but decline in advance

You have already saved time for yourself to spend with people who cares about you and you are happy to be with them.

Say - Good bye to “I am busy”, it’s not cool anymore!

Research have stated that people who are always with “I am busy” tagline are ‘unpleasant person’ and are more likely to be suffering from acute depression and future loneliness.

On lighter note:-
Hey any link about the research you are referring to?
Sorry guys, I just made it up!! But if you continue with tagline, do pass me your details in comments -- surely you can be the subject of case topic.

Thank you!

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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Jai Shree Krishna

Happy Krishna Janmastmi  2017!!

Watch out interesting videos

courtesy : Ancient Hindu temple Hoysala built with Machines

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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Define Fear !

Back in 2013, October - I had written a blog related to Fear named:

Fear - Which type is considered to be greatest by human!

We all have a habit of setting goals in life and work toward achieving it. 

On lighter note – “depending on which age group we are in” sometime end of setting few more goals to achieve the earlier goals & life goes on…..

We always meet various people on our daily routine life; we talk and share good, not so good experiences, few inspire us, other we ignore & again life goes on….

Have we ever thought why not lets define our fear instead of our goals?

What? Isn’t it strange? 

Yes, it does sounds strange because majority of us might have never tried it so far…and surely have pulled ourselves back due to it and probably got into cycle of setting and re-setting goals.

Seneca the Younger (c. 4 BC – AD 65) who was famous Roman Stoic philosopher had rightly pointed out that:-

We suffer more often in imagination than in reality

His idea about fear setting has been rightly documented by Timothy "Tim" Ferriss in his self-help book as following

What if I …<<fear>>….?

Cost of Inaction (Financially – Emotionally- Physically)
6 month
1 year
3 year

It is really interesting and worth trying , in case you have monkey mind.

I would like to leave you with thought provoking quote by Jerzy Gregorek

Easy Choices, Hard Life!

Hard Choices, Easy life!!

Thank you!

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Sadhguru : Adiyogi

2017 - During Maha Shivaratri day - 

Adiyogi Shiva statue is a 112-foot-tall (34 m) statue of Hindu deity Shiva located at Coimbatore in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

It was  designed  by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and built by his ISHA foundation.

Adiyogi music must listen!

From this day, I started following him closely about his teaching and motivational speeches, he has delivered around the world.

Sharing one of his amazing teaching excerpt:-

One a certain day Bull & Pigeon were upon a field. Bull was grazing upon the grass and Pigeon was picking ticks off the bull -Partnership.

There was huge tree at the edge of the field. Pigeon very nostalgically looked up the tree and said 

'oh alas!' there was time in the past, when I could fly on the top of the tree but now there is not enough strength in my wings even to get on the first branch of the tree!

The bull said that's not an issue, eat a little bit of my dung everyday, within the fortnight you will get on the topmost branch of the tree.

Pigeon said "Come on ! What kind of rubbish is that?"

The bull said try and see, whole humanity is on it.

Very hesitantly, Pigeon started picking up the dung. Amazingly on very first day - Pigeon reached the very first branch of the tree and within fortnight it reached to the topmost branch of the tree.

Just  sitting on topmost branch of the tree and beginning to enjoy the scenery.

Old farmer who was 'rocking' on his rocking on his chair, saw a fat old pigeon on top of the tree, pulled out his shotgun & shoot the bird off.

Moral of the story:-
Many time even bullshit can get you to the top, but it never let you stay there!!

Thank you!
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Garmi : Ouch of Indian Summer

Finally we are in June month,  furious leg of Indian summer is at its peak. 

Following are few common catchy tagline, we end up making throughout summer to beat summer.

Har Pal,
Har Waqt,
Har Din,
Har Lamha,
Har Aahat, Har Ehsaas, Aur Dil ki Har Dhadkan Keh Rahi Hai.....

‘Baap re Baap Kya Garmi hai.

Ameer ki aulad: papa aj buht garmi hai
papa:hum aaj he a/c lagwalengy.
Gharib ki aulad:papa aj kitni garmi hai.
Papa: chal tujy ganja krwadon.

Bf-sukhi sukhi sadko pe main tera intazaar karu sanam re.
Gf-bheegi bheegi hota hai
Bf-itni garmi main tere baap ne pani dala hai sadko pe,

Thank you!
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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Lets Stop Preaching & Make an Effort towards Teaching!

(Less than 3 minutes read, why not give a try)

When you share your agony with anyone, one always end-up with advise or preaches about benefits of being self-motivated or Don't loose heart etc.


In-fact its not wrong advice but it certainly has something lacking.

Whats is that 'something' lacking then?

Well, its the aspect of 'teaching'  about how to remain self-motivated or bring back our concentration, which has been shaken with agony.

Simple example to put in real life context! [Success seeker and Failure avoid-er]

Parents always ask their children to concentrate in studies or any activity.

Right? Do you agree?

Well! But how many of us actually teach our children the art of concentration?

Have we ever realized that if our children, do not know how to concentrate, how they are going to do justice to our instruction?

Any guess on outcome?

This infuse the attitude of failure avoid-er  in children and in quest of doing things right at first attempt [without skill], always stops them from trying or even making a start.

Hence, as parents need to make effort to appreciate the failure of our children, which will allow them to be creative and explore unknown. Leave success be appreciated by outsiders. 

The following difference needs to be understood:-

I GOT to go to class ! [Its a sense of requirement, like alarm clock]

I GET to go to class ! [Its a sense of opportunity, like enthusiasm]

How you communicate to others?
How you communicate to yourself?

People miss out opportunity on regular basis due to bad frame of mind about simply not able to break the comfort zone.

One can always argue that what if we land up in more trouble due to constant deserting comfort zone?

Well! To keep it simple!

Do we not experience pain-agony-trouble even by being in comfort zone?

The closer answer could be that breaking comfort zone is a way toward excellence. Imagine any field of your choice, anyone who has not tested failure has not been able to do justice to success in long term.

Success is no accident, if one has got it by accident, Sustainability factor will not let one hang for longer unless there is absolutely right purpose.

We need to make a start from being independent to being inter-dependent to solve issues.

On lighter note:-

We always say our children (Age 3-5 yrs), Drink milk - This will make you smart & intelligent!

Child drinks milk daily!

Same child (Age 5-8 yrs.), when questions us on our instruction, we end up saying – Don’t act smart!

We all needs to take a step back – re-calibrate ourselves to match current time and future, So that we can assist next generation to be well-equipped to match challenges ahead.

You will always figure out a way, if you make your mind certain & convinced about it.

Rather than feeling bad about problem, Think what you can do about it?

Prospective matters. It is the base of creating perception ahead. But never shy away from breaking perception with better prospective. 

Believe me, it always helps. 

You have just got one life to achieve everything you wish for. So you have to act accordingly.

Thank you!
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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Docker : A tool which is silently creating revolution in 'DevOps' way!

 is a containerisation platform which package our application and all its dependencies together in form of containers to ensure that our application works seamlessly in any environment be it Development, Test or Production.

Docker is not just another stack in virtual machine (VM) concept. To relate containerisation is just virtualisation at the OS level. 
Taken from some online tutorial.
Why Docker?
Containers on same OS kernel are lighter & smaller.
Containerisation brings process level isolation.
Better resource Utilisation compared to VM.
Short Boot-up process (1/20th of a second).

VM Vs Docker at glance:-

Docker Engine
Communication happens between docker client & Docker Daemon by combination of REST API, Socket.IO and TCP.
source: Internet
Docker Terminology
Docker Daemon: 
      It run on host Machine.
     It creates and manages dockers object such as images, containers, Networks, Data, Volumes etc.
     User does not directly interact with the docker client.
Docker Client:
   Primary user interface to docker.
   It accepts commands from the users and communicates back and forth with dockers daemon.
Docker Images:
    Images are used to create docker containers.
    Dockers provides a simple way to build new images or update existing images,
    Docker images are the 'Build' component of dockers.
Docker Registries:
    Registries store images.
    These are public or private stored from which we upload/downloads images. 
    This can be done on docker hub (which is docker version of GITHUB)
   Docker Registry are 'distribution' component of docker.
Docker Containers:
    Containers are created from docker images.
    It holds everything needed for an application to run.
   Each containers is an isolated and secure application platform.
   Docker containers are the 'run' components of docker.

Docker Architecture:
It has following component: 
build---  pull  ---   distribute   ---  run

Handy Docker commands on the GO:

To pull a docker images from docker hub
       $ docker pull <image-name:tag>
To run an images
       $ docker run<image-name:tag>   OR 
      $ docker run <image-id>
To Build an image
       $ docker build -t <image-name>:tag
To run newly built image
 $ docker run --name "container name" -p <host-port>:<container-port><image-name:tag>
To list down images on our system
       $ docker images
To list down all the running containers
       $ docker ps
To list down all the containers (even if they are not running)
       $ docker ps -a
To start the containers
       $ docker start <container id>
To stop the container
       $ docker stop <container id>
To delete the container [This command should be used after container is stopped]
       $ docker rm <container name>
To delete image
       $ docker rmi <image id>  OR
       $ docker rmi <repo:tag>

The blog has been written after reading and watching online materials on dockers.

Thank you!
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